Our Collective

“You can choose your friends, but you sho’ can’t choose your family” said Harper Lee  - but with all due respect, we politely disagree! 

Surf Collective is the home of carefully selected, innovative, inspired, passionate & proudly independent Australian brands. 

Surf Collective's diverse brand family offers ocean lovers and salty types alike real choice and variety in a marketplace too long dominated by large multinationals. 

Our Surf Collective family gives you direct access to a fantastic range of authentic, quality, home-grown product alternatives. 

Dive on in and test our waters! We know you'll soon discover some brand new favourites! 

Aloha to Zen celebrate life, surfing lifestyles both classic and contemporary, and the sheer joy of handcrafting objects and images via the production of fine functional goods to fill the modern surf shack and coastal bolt-hole.
Ambush Girls is all about looking good while having fun!
The Binalong Beach & CO. know that fun in the sun, sand & salt always deserves the best towel on the beach. Soft 100% cotton rung-spun yarn with a tight underweave, close loops & a deluxe 630 GSM weight? Your body will instantly feel the difference!
From hand-drawn sketch to stylish finished finery, Central Coast NSW’s very own bird & hill marry premium European optics and hand-picked materials with their own soulful design vision to create a unique homegrown range of stylish polarised sunglasses.
Combines the wind and sun protection of a hoodie, with the go-anywhere-ness of a rashie.
We are very proud of Lily McElligott winning our first High School Business Studies project with her idea that has become Coastal Upcycling.
With a desire to be riding the right board for whatever conditions were on offer, DJB Surfboards was born.
Handplane human or hands-free hellman, burly body-basher or svelte, sexy slider? Transform flailing legs to sleek embedded rails, tired and flagging toes to fish-scale functional tails with the hi-tech specs of the progressive DMC Swimfin evolution…
Long and lean makes for the best human down-rail wave-holding machine! Enhance your shore-break whomp or point-break slide and glide with the speed and lift of an Ecto Handplane by award-winning South Coast NSW legend Chris Anderson.
Guy’s and girl’s Tees and Tanks, that are as ready as you are.
There’s more to life than dying of skin cancer.
Girl Surf Network is the #1 platform for all things ‘Female Surfing’ right across the globe.
Are the clean curves and artwork of your favourite Indo shooter, classic mid-length, mal, twinnie, thruster or spoon concealed by bulky, ugly display brackets?
Hueys Choice make tested and proven surf wax that’s Australian to the core from pour to shopfloor. Their cracking colour-coded range of options have all your board’s traction needs covered from the tropics right through to cooler and icier waters.
Certain images deserve to see a little more ‘light of day’ than just swinging from the office wall.
From out of the iconic coastal locale of Lennox Head flows the free-spirited, floral, feminine styles of KHANUN - sexy and comfy woman’s clothing fashioned from classic vintage fabrics from the 60s and 70s.
Tired of dull boardies and flavourless tees? Yes? Then Get Kurly! Outfit yourselves and your favourite peeps top-to-toe in flamboyant fresh tees and fun novelty socks, cool casual shirts and shorts as bright a sunny Saturday - everyday!
Freshly confected in the nation’s capital Canberra, Lazy Sundae’s stylish streetwear comes ripe, rough and ready for sweet tunes, righteous vibes and endless good times.
LovedByBeez reusable beeswax food wraps have your food cover needs covered! Ocean to office, lounge to lagoon or table to tideline, their all-natural eco-friendly alternatives can transport all your favourite food items from A to B, on land or sea.
LV fins have not re-invented the wheel, however keeping a True to classic design and timeless shape for all the best longboarding has to offer. These fins have super stiff flex to stick it down the line and medium guts for an all-round epic ride.
The MR Shield is one of the most iconic logo's in Aussie Surf Culture. It not only represents the man himself, but it represents a love and passion for the sport of surfing.
A super-cute range of kids gear with a twist of historical Australian culture.
For MVRK, boardshorts are the soul of surfing. Their mission? To inject more personality, colour and life to the world by championing & showcasing the work of independent Aussie designers via the cuts, styles and colours of their vibrant boardies.
They say “West is best” and Ocean Zone is helping prove it.
A self-taught craftsman, this Northern Beaches local has a spectacular eye for natural beauty.
"Your hobby into a business," they said, "Too easy" said the Oso Millinery crew, and with a can-do attitude, fresh original artwork & a wicked range of hats, tees and sweats, transformed harmless fun between friends into a solid new Aussie brand.
No-nonsense Mens & Womens tees with a conscience.
Pure… Unadulterated. Nothing added. 100%. When something is pure, leave it, enjoy it…don’t change a thing!
Conceived right here in Australia and handcrafted from premium materials by European artisans - RAD.INC fashion luxury functional eyewear for global action sport professionals, aficionados & lifestyle lovers alike.
Treat your favorite log to one of RESN Collective’s handcrafted, functional finishing flourishes
Travel with shade, so you can swim, play & stay all day.
A mere hop, skip and jump (in seven-league boots) away from Tassie’s iconic Shipstern Bluff, Sea Urchin Design drop and deliver their range of original ocean-inspired wares and surfwear to discerning gals, guys and grommets worldwide.
We no longer need to turf an entire leggie, just ‘cause the Velcro’s lost it’s pucker.
South Beach Boardies make eco-friendly boardshorts in big, bold, limited-edition prints. They're the business & brainchild of an independent, beach-loving family from South Fremantle, WA with a passion for this beautiful Earth & its waters.
Display your connection to the ocean and the earth, with an inimitable piece of beautiful, handmade jewellery.
Squid Handplanes- Beautifully Simple & Simply Beautiful - are economically-priced handmade alternative wave-riding vehicles boasting a half-crested tail and a smooth rounded plan-shape to guarantee fun times for beginner and veteran surf riders everywhere
From youthful days surfing Sydney reefs, pre-digital printer’s apprenticeships & businesses to crazy years as a fashion and rag trade raconteur - self-confessed contrarian surfer/artist Jeff Morris has dragged himself to all points of the compass.
They’re easy to install, easy to use, and best of all, they keep your most prized of possessions up and out of harms way.
Score some epic gear & contribute to the great work being done by the crew at Surfaid.
Surfers, ocean swimmers, and divers, tired of struggling to put on your wetsuit? 100% recycled & 100% Australian-made Surf Socks help you easily slip into your wettie, save colourful valuable sailcloth from landfill AND reduce wasteful plastic bag usage.
Alex & Ben froth on surfing at Surf Soothe, and if there is anything they can do to surf more they are all in!
The Northern Beaches surf culture is in their DNA & Tekkers’ designs combine fashion & function, for a less-than-fearsome fee.
Equal parts fresh art/fashion apparel and smouldering art incubator, Gold Coast label, The Undercurrent, are committed to showcasing the rich hidden culture and talents of ‘the Goldie’ and its proudly local creatives, designers and artists.
Spend long hours racing, training or playing on the ocean & flat water? Join the elite ocean sportsmen, sportswomen & paddle-fitness aficionados worldwide already enjoying the benefits of Vaikobi’s unique, innovative high-performance oceanwear range.
Beachy boho inspired jewellery and accessories, handcrafted using fair-trade, recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible.
Handplanes built from 100% sustainable, recycled & reclaimed materials.
An SFP 50+ & 4 hours Water-Resistant sunscreen for safely exploring and adventuring in the great outdoors? A sunscreen without nasties, that feels good on your skin and your kids will be happy to use? A sunscreen you can finally FEEL GOOD about? Feel Good
This classic little cradle of comfort can go with you anywhere!
Looking to shop better and with total peace of mind? Whollygrail’s product selections are based on robust ethical principles and offer discerning & health-conscious customers a range of organic & fairtrade products.
Wipe-out, the game where you make waves, is a card game based on a professional surfing competition.
Handpicked shells, shimmering sea-glass shards and sterling silver are here brought together in these striking handmade and upcycled jewellery pieces by Yalang A Lang Jewels from Torquay.