Beachy boho inspired jewellery and accessories, handcrafted using fair-trade, recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible.

Inspired by nature, the ideals of living in harmony with our environment and the original bohemian mindset of wearing your beliefs, WaterSalt aims to create handmade jewellery and accessories using fair trade, recycled and natural materials wherever possible. Each product is not just something to wear, but a conscious choice to reduce the impact on our environment as well as the opportunity to inspire others to do the same. WaterSalt’s designer and maker aims to create products that are both long lasting and practical for the beachy lifestyle she leads. Each piece is lovingly handmade with salty fingers in Avalon Beach. WaterSalt’s signature bracelets have been inspired by the water that surrounds us, simple beauty and the subtle reminders that nature can share with us. Wear the simple reminders and beliefs that are important to you.