Surfboard Shapers

Shapers are the unsung heroes of the surfing industry - a crazy thought, considering they’re the creators of the very thing that singularly defines us as “surfers”. But, just like our generations of talented watermen & women, Australian shapers have been at the forefront of the industry for decades.

It’s our belief that ordering a board is a deeply personal practice. Something that should be considered, discussed and decided upon carefully. Rather than take away from part of that experience, we’d prefer to add to it.
For that very reason you won’t find surfboards for sale on Surf Collective. What you will find is a showcase of our favorite Australian shapers. We’ll share what we know of their story, and what we love about their boards, along with their contact details.

We’re not turning a profit from it, but we’d love if you could ‘pay-it-forward’ and drop our name, when you decide to order that rad new custom whip from one of these incredible craftsmen.

They say ‘west is best’, and these sleds are sawn, mown, glassed and sanded in a leaky shed in North Freo.
Anyone who knows anything about the surf industry, knows of these boards.
With a desire to be riding the right board for whatever conditions were on offer, DJB Surfboards was born.
Joel draws on knowledge and experiences that most in the industry can only dream of having.
Liquid Therapy shapes retro-inspired longboards to cathartically stoke groms in need.
Hailing from Broulee on the NSW South Coast, Robbie Marshall of Soul Arch Surfboards has been creating boards of all shapes and sizes for the past 7 years.