Our Story

Brothers from the Northern Beaches and Central Coast of Sydney, Mark & Andrew, love the ocean, surfing and the culture it represents. Over the years though, from it’s humble beginnings, slowly but very surely, the culture they loved turned into bigger and bigger business. And that business morphed into a global industry. As proud as it made them, in the early days, to see this niche lifestyle choice they adored becoming envied and coveted the world over, they also felt that over the years, little by little, a small part of its charm was slipping away.

Today that ‘industry’ is a globally ebbing and flowing tide of gazillions of dollars commanded by multinational corporations. But what happened to the ‘culture’? Of course it’s still there. In fact it’s probably as strong as ever. It’s just a little harder to see through all the sponsorship banners and neon-lit logos.

Whether it was boards, clothing, accessories, art… Mark & Andrew realised how difficult it had become to find local, independent, non mass-produced surf products. The stuff that started it all back in the day. And so, the idea for Surf Collective was born.

Mark & Andrew set out to find a collection of truly independent producers of quality Australian surf gear, and establish an on-line marketplace who’s motivation was two-fold; 1) To present a platform for these independent creatives to showcase and sell their wares, and 2) To provide consumers, with a reliable connection to the kind of limited-edition items they can no longer seem to find in today’s same-same saturated marketplace.

Surf Collective is a place to discover the surf gear you’ve been searching for. You’ll be able to learn about the producers of the goods you’re purchasing – their inspiration, motives and values. You’re buying online from homegrown producers in a way that’s almost as authentic as if buying from them face-to-face at a local market.

Surf Collective aims to encourage, and ultimately enable, emerging producers to present their product to a broader market… and of course, offer fantastic independent products to it’s customers.

Thanks to Di Ellis for putting the clip together, Music by Will Brighton. Some products from our collective featured.